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Umrah FAQ

Question : What is required for an Umrah visa?

You will need the following:

If someone has a non-common Muslim name, he or she should submit a certificate from a mosque or an Islamic center stating that the applicant is a Muslim.

A completed original Umrah visa application form. The statement written at the end of the application form must be carefully read and signed.

Two recent passport size color photographs with a white background should be attached to the application form.

Confirmed and non-refundable airline ticket. Departure from Saudi Arabia should be within two weeks from the date of entry.

If the applicant is not a national of the country he/she is applying from, a valid residency permit must be submitted.

Proof of relationship is required (a marriage certificate for a wife, a birth certificate for a child indicating the names of both parents) for Women and children.

Women and children should be accompanied by a Mahram, the Mahram must travel into and out of Saudi Arabia on the same flight.

A vaccination certificate against Meningococcal Meningitis should be attached.


Question : Who is a Mahram?

A Mahram is a male relative with whom she is permanently forbidden to marry because of blood ties, breastfeeding or ties through marriage. This includes several relations other than her husband, father, brother, son, grandfather, grandson, uncle, nephew, father-in-law, son-in-law, stepfather, stepson and any male with whom she has shared a mother’s milk are Mahram for a woman according to Islamic Shari’ah law.


Question : May single ladies travel alone for Umrah?

The short answer is yes.. However, some conditions apply.

For married women traveling alone, the following is required:
1) She has to be over 45 years old.
2) A permission letter from husband signed and stamped by notary.
3) A copy of ID showing signature of Mahram (passport or driver license).

For single, divorced or widow women, the following is required:
1) She has to be over 45 year old.
2) A letter from legal Mahram that must be signed and stamped by notary.
3) A copy of ID showing signature of Mahram (passport or driver license).


Question : What is the photograph specs for an Umrah visa?

You will need the following:

The photograph has to be a passport size photograph (2”x2”)

White background, no exceptions.

Photograph has to be full-face view in which the applicant is facing the camera directly. Side or angled views are NOT accepted.

Photograph has to be recent, not older than 6 months.

Please use tape, paper clip, or ONE staple only to stick the photograph to the application. DO NOT use more the one staple, and DO NOT use glue

DO NOT place staple on applicant’s face, forehead, or clothing. It should be placed at either top or side of the photograph.


Question :  should I send the required documents to AQSA Travel?

For safe processing of Umrah visa, all documents should be received by our offices at least one month prior to departure date. Please, take note that the visa is valid for 30 days.This means that entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should occur within one (1) Islamic month from date of stamping. This should be taken into consideration when you plan on visiting another country prior to performing the Umrah.


Question : What are the cancellation penalties if you have to cancel?

Depending on the package purchased, cancellation fees may vary. Generally, the deposit paid per person is partially refundable on any package that is cancelled prior to Umrah registration close date. Cancellation after the registration close date is non-refundable, all flight, hotel, and visa processing fees are paid to suppliers by the registration close date.